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The pandemic left many of us unemployed and struggling for work. While home for months not being able to work as a full time photographer I started honing in on other photographic projects and crafts to help out. 

That's where the creation of Fowl Images, my fine art Poultry Portraits came from, as well as my face masks. 

"Safe and Social, by Sarah"

Please check out and contact me for any of your photographic needs from all things portraiture, Family, Milestone, Fine Art, Pets, and Event Photography.

Masks are:

Ergonomic with Adjustable Elastic Straps

-Come in different sizes

-Straps go around your head, not your ears for long lasting comfort

-Multiple Prints to Choose From

-Custom Orders Available (uniformed masks for your employees, masks with pockets for insertable filters

Available prints

additional prints and custom orders are available

sizing: men's, women's, kids


$12- Two layer cotton print mask

$14 - Three Layer cotton print mask (two layers of cotton print and one layer of liner)

$16 - Three Layer Cotton print mask with pocket for insertable filters

Shipping fee will be added to mailed orders

Swatch pattern 1.jpg
Swatch pattern 2a.jpg

Happy Customers

image1 (6).jpeg

Sample of $16 Pocket Mask

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