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Masks are:

Ergonomic with Adjustable Elastic Straps

-Fully Hemmed Cloth Masks

-Come in different sizes

-Straps go around your head, not your ears for long lasting comfort

-Multiple Prints to Choose From

-Custom Orders Available (uniformed masks for your employees, masks with pockets for insertable filters

mask smaple.jpg


 Polypropylene Liners add a great layer of filtration to masks.  Polypropylene fabric are in N95 masks, and help make homemade masks more safe. Adding a layer of this fabric does not make your homemade masks into N95 masks though!! 

These woven liners are available with any mask purchased. 

Click here for more information about them :



Here is a 3 layer mask with pocket. 

Pocketed Masks have access on both sides of mask.
All masks have insides finished like this, with black elastic and black adjusting toggle

new mask sample 3.jpg

Size Guide

Measure for the best fit

Masks come in sizes

XTRA LARGE ≈ 7.5"-8"

LARGE ≈ 6.5" - 7"

MEDIUM ≈ 6"-6.5"

SMALL ≈ 5.5

XTRA SMALL ≈ 5"-4.5"

Average Womens size is Medium

Average Mens Size is Large

To measure to get correct sizing, measure your face with measuring tape from bridge of nose to bottom of chin (where your mask would rest on your face).

Helpful tip is to talk a little, while having the measuring tape up to make sure you having talking room.

Masks are handmade so will have minor variances*


Care instructions

Here are a few tips to care for your mask:

Leave masks hanging on cars visor while in exposed sun. Here is a link to a Forbes article talking about using your car and the suns rays to help disinfect your masks 

When washing masks, wash as you would your delicates. Putting inside a garment bag helps protect the elastics. Line Dry.

new mask sample 2.jpg
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